Lesson 9: College Essay Writing

Almost certainly the most tedious part of the college process is crafting the numerous essays required for your applications. Luckily, many colleges accept the common application now, but often there will be a supplement that necessitates an extra thousand words or so. Fortunately, there’s a wealth of information online on how to write a wonderful college essay that makes you stand out. Check out these articles to get you started.

Essay Writing Strategies from Screenwriter Ami Boghani

My friend, Ami (pronounced UM-ee), is an accomplished producer, screenwriter, and college essay coach in Brooklyn, New York. Along with helping countless students perfect their college essays, she’s worked with Oscar nominated directors and written the tenth book in the Nancy Drew Diaries, I wish I had used her approach when I was writing my application essays because….

Fair Opportunity Project Guide

This is the same open-sourced document from the first lesson that I mentioned you should keep handy. If you haven’t done so already, check out the wonderful sections on essay writing at this time.

Make Yourself Memorable Part I (Part II)

The most important part of writing a good essay is making yourself memorable. You want each essay reader to go home after having read thousands of essays and think about yours.

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