Lesson 8: Acing the Interview

The college interview can be one of the most gut wrenching experiences in the college process. Not necessarily because it is particularly difficult or stressful to complete, but because of the anticipation, the unknowns, and the high-stakes feeling that a college interview can impose.

With some preparation, we can make these butterflies go away.

If you haven’t done so already, sign up on the home screen for a copy of my e-book, College Acceptance Essentials, as “Chapter 5: Ace the Interview” is entirely devoted to this topic. Specifically, make sure you begin to create a canned-answer document with all your stories accomplishments on it!

Big Future – College Interviews: Practice Questions and Strategies

This is a nice little primer to help you further understand the point of college interviews.

How to Use the STAR Interview Response Technique

This is a nifty approach to build your behavioral answers on and ensure that you answer each question fully. Having a structure like this can be a big confidence booster. Just remember to stay conversational.

The 14 College Interview Questions You Must Prepare For

Use this, and other similar lists of questions, with a friend or parent to practice for your interview. Know the important questions by heart, and make sure you have a bunch of stories/experiences to draw from for the rest.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

On the subject of interacting with people, I think everyone should read Dale Carnegie’s most famous. I read it for the first time around my junior year of high school. How to Win Friends and Influence People relays many important lessons for interacting with others effectively. I try to reread it every few years because it’s quite short and offers many great pieces of advice.

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