Lesson 7: Letters of Recommendation

Showing that you have others (besides Mom, Dad, and Grandma) willing to speak positively about you adds to the credibility of your personality and application. For example, a teacher might explain how it’s always been clear that you would go into a speaking role because of your eloquence and ability to captivate a large audience, or a coach might detail the way you successfully led a team through a season.

Remember that application readers are attempting to piece together a complete view of you. Most of the information they receive comes directly from you. The interview and the letters of recommendation are their only sources for determining how others perceive you. 

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Peterson’s – Letter of Recommendation: How to Ask for It

Similar to Big Future, Peterson’s is a great site for college information. Check out this article on letters of recommendation and some of their other helpful links.

There’s a ton of information out there on this topic, so read on to your heart’s content. Just remember that courtesy is the most important part of receiving a great letter. Give ample time, supply necessary information, and say thank you!

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