Lesson 11: Odds and Ends

Welcome to the final lesson of the Small Town Top College prep course. I truly hope you have been helped by the information in the lessons, and I wish you all the best with your college pursuits. To close it out, I’d like to leave you with a few more articles and resources to check out.

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The STTC Resource Page

This is the page where I compile all the resources that I suggest people use during the college process. Anything from learning about the FAFSA to learning to code is on there, plus organizational tools, book recommendations, and links to special programs that might help you on your quest. I highly recommend checking it out before you leave.

Surviving the College Transition

As you transition into your college years, I hope that you will understand their importance as a time to grow, not a time to remain the same. There will be difficult times, times where you miss home, times where you miss your old life, maybe even times where you want to quit and move back home. Remember though, high school should NOT be the best time in your life. There’s a lot more life after the age of 18 than before.

Further Reading

The Vice Admiral from Milaca, MN

This story, sent to me from a college friend, details the path of his great-grandfather, Vice Admiral Paul E. Trimble, from his beginnings in a tiny town in Minnesota, through his college years at the USCGA and Harvard, to his eventual promotion to being the #2 ranked person in the United States Coast Guard. I find a lot of inspiration in this story because it shows how great small towns can be in supporting those who want to accomplish amazing things.

My Coolest MIT Project

This article is just a fun one. I figured that the best way to show one of the cool things you can do at a top college is through an example. My senior mechanical engineering project was to work in a team of 18 cross-functional engineers to create Glow, an interactive yoga mat with pressure sensors, LEDs, and computer programming.

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