Lesson 10: College Visits

If you’ve ever been on a vacation, you probably know that no matter how much reading and studying you do, the place you visit will be far different than the mental image you created prior to arrival. The same holds true for colleges. This is why visits are so important.

Getting a feel for the different colleges on your list will help you make a better informed decision about your post-high-school career and also give you a great deal more confidence that your new home will truly be a place in which you feel comfortable. Enjoy these resources as you begin planning your trips.

Pat’s Guide to College Visits

I visited around ten campuses during my college hunt. These are all of my helpful hints and tricks for making the best out of your trips.

Diversity Fly-in Programs Make Campus Visits Accessible

If financing a flight across the country is difficult, look into some of the Fly-In Programs that are available for a great number of schools. If you’re eligible, schools can actually pay for you to come visit them!

Big Future – Campus Visit Guide

Another good article on the subject of campus visits.

Success Story

The Parent Perspective with Rebecca Romanowski (Part 1)    (Part 2)

Rebecca was incredibly active in helping her son, Michael, during all aspects of the college process as he found his way to Cornell University. We discuss how best to empower and support your son or daughter during the often-stressful college hunt. I was also able to tag along with Rebecca and Michael as they toured MIT, so we discuss campus visits during the interview as well.

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